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Our team is qualified and has a passion for client service. Rather than use this advantage to overburden our clients and make them feel like their plans are inadequate, we instead work with them to establish their personal goals, what it will take to accomplish them, and where we can start today. Meet our team of professionals:


Bryan is the founder of Wieferich Financial, and his mission is to take the guesswork out of investing and help to manage financial risks. He believes that financial planning is a lifelong, personal process that you create and adapt...

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Brian Atwood is a key player at Wieferich Financial and his many tasks include servicing clients, assisting the advisor with preparing financial planning and investing strategies and coordinating the Dave Ramsey SmartVestor Program. He...

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Sage DeMull

Wealth Management Advisor



Sage joined the Wieferich Financial team in 2019 as a Wealth Management Advisor. He is a graduate and former basketball player at Northwood University. Sage began helping clients at Northwestern Mutual in 2015. In addition to assisting...

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